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According to Memtest and multiple system crashes, i think i got memory problems. Help

Chuck Norris

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So my system had been running fine for the past few months when all of a sudden i began to experience multiple system crashes after RAM intensive programs. So after checking out all the possibilities and running diferent tests, i found out that my ram was most likely deffective. PRobably because mem test foudn multiple errors. Can someone plz help me? or can i get a RMA number from corsair?





I was searching through the forums and i saw an interesting post taht applied to my situation. I am running these sticks with a Evga 680i motherboard. They ran fine for about a month or 2 and now they just died out on me.



Ran memtest again, it found over 30 errors, Nothing too big but clearly enough to subdue my system. Im starting to question the reliability of corsair, being as this isnt the first case of your memory failing. to live up to its standards.

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