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I damaged my 2G Flash Voyager.


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Do I have any options as far as getting it repaired, or should I suck it up and buy a new one?


I was using my Flash Voyager (purchased in August 2006) on a lab computer with front USB ports. I had the lanyard attached to the drive, and my foot caught the lanyard and yanked the drive pretty hard to the side.


The drive itself still works. The problem is that the USB connector is borked. If I carefully plug it in, everything is golden. When I remove it from the port, however, the metal connector cage will come off of the drive. Also, the actual 4-pin connector is very loose, and I'm afraid it will fall/pull off.


I've attached a picture to show what the damage actually looks like.


Is there a method to send this in for repair, or am I SOL because it's physical damage that I caused?


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we will have to see it, sorry, please use the On Line RMA Request Form and we will be happy to replace them or it.
I tried going through the form the day you posted this, but I think it may have bombed out after I hit submit. Does the form send out a submission confirmation, or should I just keep waiting to see if the RMA gets approved?
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