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Got a bad module back from RMA request

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Hi. I had one bad module (of two) and made an RMA request. I Shipped my memory pair to corsair and got a pair of memory for exchange. Great service. Thank you. :sunglasse

BUT : One of the modules is bad again :eek: ! I get a cmos checksum error when i put this single module in my board. :confused: The other one is working. No error.


My board is ABIT iC7 with a P4 3.2.

The memory is CMX256A-3200C2PT XMS3202v4.1

(My RMA was :# R220901)

I paid 11€ for shipment (from germany). If i had to pay another 11€ for a new shipment i could have bought a NEW module for this price. :mad:

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