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520 Buzzing /w new UPS? Power recommendations.


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I recently found a great deal on a UPS XS1500 to replace my aging Back-UPS Pro 1100. One strange quirk is on the XS1500 in battery mode I get a buzzing from the PSU. The Pro 1100 does not exhibit this. Both UPSs are similarly spec'd with stepped sine-waves. The question is, could this be a sign of a bad UPS, or is it the sign of a bad PSU, or is this normal for UPS/PSU interaction.


Also, I'm currently thinking of stepping up a few components in my rig and want to make sure the 520 can still handle it. The new setup will be:


Core 2 E6300 @ 1.86 (will be overclocking within reason).

Intel BadAxe 2 mobo.

8800GTS (OC'd version @ 576 vs 500), either 320 or 640 MB.

Pair of single platter Seagate SATA II 160s, 7200 rpm.

Pair of 1GB Corsair DDR2 modules (will see a slight OC).

Sound card, Linksys WIFI card, few fans.


I'm pretty confident the 520 will be adequate, but I don't want to push it too hard. Think I'll be fine, or should I step up to the 620?





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