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Working settings P5WDH , CM2X1024-6400


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if it could help, Corsair customers, with Asus P5WDH Deluxe and

CM2X1024-6400 DDR2, i encountered worries when updating my P5WDH bios

from 1701 to 1901, i had black screen with no possibility to enter the bios:

So i made a clear cmos(removing the "button battery"+jumper as told in the motherboard manual) after i have been able to enter again the bios with F1

I set :

1) spd disable,

2)DRAM Frequency[DDR2-800]

3)timings 5-5-5-12 2T and

4)increased voltage to 1.95 (before was 1.9 or 1.91v, working with bios 1701 but not with 1901) .


Now it is very stable, i dont encounter anymore, at the bios post, the

CM2X1024-6400 recognized as a 5300 frequency one !

(same worry encountered with previous bios 1701, i had to set the 1,2,3

and the 4 at 1.9v to set the bios posting the 6400 frequency).


My cpu is a C2D E6600,and i had set also

the cpu external to 266mhz, pci express frequency to 100mhz, pci clock synch to 33.33mhz.

I am not sure they are optimal settings but they are working, i am not willing

to overclock ...yet.

hoping it will help some newbies like me !

Best regards.

forgive my non-native english ;-)

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Thank you for posting this, but how did you flash the bios, from a floppy or from Windows?


None of these ways ;-p

With an usb flash drive(in french we say "usb key")

i download, the bios from asustek, i rename the asus.rom file in

P5WDH.ROM, copy it to flash drive and i reboot with the flash drive plugged in.

So the flash update begins automatiquely when booting(so you have to be sure of downloading the right bios version)


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