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7012352 errors in one hour


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Evga 680i


2.4ghz core duo


2gigs. TWIN2X2048-6400C4

Video Card # 1:

BFG 7950gt

Power Supply:

BFg 650watt


I've been having problems with constant BSOD's and memory errors for about a month now. The ram has been running since christmas on 4 4 4 12 2T. I've run 1.8v, 1.9v, and when I finally enabled SLI ready memory 0% It set everything for me and is at 2.1v now. I've tryed every ram slot on my motherboard. I've checked all my connections in the case about a million times, I've updated from p21-p23-p24-p25 bios and all my problems have stayed.. I finally decided to run memtest and these are my (scary) results




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