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DOA HX520W Power Supply


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Received a Corair HX520W power supply from Buy.com about 2 and half weeks ago. Attempted to use it in a system build this weekend and it's dead as dead can be...nothing, nada, zip. Yes I tried the switch on the back, yes it was connected correctly...even tried on another motherboard that is working. Used another Antec power supply to confirm all other equipment is working correctly and it is. So unless you have a magic wand that will make this brick come to life, I need it replaced. I purchased it new from buy.com and would expect a new one from you. I'm not interested in paying ship charges to replace this dead box either. Buy's policy apparently is 14 days and will not be purchasing from them ever again. The right thing needs to be done here, or I will cross Corsair off my list as well. This is very maddening that something like a power supply is DOA.
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