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AV8 + 4x 512mb value select


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In preparation to upgrade to Vista, i have brought a matched pair of VS512MB400 to install in dimm slots 3/4 of my board. Dimms 1/2 have already got Corsair VS512MB400 (matched pair) however these are over a year old.

I have installed that memory and this was registered by the bios as dual channel 400MHZ and 2gb, however since installing this i have had software errors when installing programmes and difficulties with start up programs such as fire walls.

I have scanned the computer of nasties using 5 different antivirus/spyware software and nothing was found. As this problem only occured when i added the new memory, i have removed this and the system is now stable. Have i brought the wrong ram? or is using 4x dimms incompatible with dual channel on my M/B.

I would be greatful for any help.:eek:

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You borad / CPU is probalby unable to control 8 memory ranks at that speed.

The AV8 manual says that while using 4 double rank DIMMs the maximum DRAM speed is 333 MHz. Also the CPU might be limited to control 6 memory ranks at a time, like AMD Athlon64 Winchester. There may be something about that on ati.com.


I'm only guessing at Corsair VS512MB400 being a double rank module though. I couldn't find anything about it on the site. Maybe someone else here can tell?

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