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P5N32-E Sli


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I just purchased this system

E6600 core 2 duo

P5N32-E sli


Kingwin Mach1 600w power supply

Western Digital SE16 WD3200KS


and im running a older BFG 6600gtoc video card in it till i make up my mind which video cards to dish cash out for. Also running vista enterprise edition. I found that this setup is unstable with any Vcore I try and even setting the correct settings for the ram in the bios I crash out playing games. Anyways what is the correct settings in the bios I should be using for this ram so i can start running memtest on these sticks seems ive gotten a few errors running it already just want to make sure this is the problem before i send them in hate to send good ram in thinking its bad when its something else. I also have 4 sticks of VS1GBKIT533D2 I believe I saw these on the ram list for the MB but havent tried them yet should let me know if theres a MB issue at least. I have the latest bios installed 0902 any info is helpful as ive been screwing with this for a few days and need to know if something is wrong so i can get a working system going

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Ive set the sli ready memory to max oc ive turned it off and tried seems more stable and at the right settings at max though ive also set the voltage from 1.9 to 2.4 with the same result ive not tried overclocking the cpu but tried manually the vcore to 1.4 with the same results. atm im using the 4 sticks of 533 and i can say its very stable at default settings played wow for a few hours and havent had a problem so i know its something with the ram either bad sticks or sfomething im missing in setting this up. memtest showed that 00076f00610 and 00077f005f0 turned up errors but i tested both chips at the same time gonna try one chip at a time and see like you said and see what turns up
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