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combine corsair and XXXXXXXXX ram


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hi all


i have an issue, i bought my system with just 2gb of ram, a pair of Corsair TWINX2048-3200, everything was fine, recently i installed windows x64 professional, but then, to improve performance on 64bit, i bought a pair of kingston kvr400x64c3a/1gb modules, the problems are, some reboots, some crashes, my sound card goes off when i use some programs like 3dsmax 9, archicad, autocad, photoshop, my question is, is there a way to get the two brands work together without problems, or i better go and buy another pair of corsair modules? is there a tweak in the bios i dont know about, like adjust timings, latency, etc.


thanks a lot


eduardo ordoñez









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Sometimes you can get mismatched pairs to run by dropping speed, in your case from 400 to 333, and/or increasing the latencies. I'd try lowering the speed first. All of the recent memory controllers are very picky about seeing matching IC's on all of the sticks, either as a matched pair or as two matched pairs bought at the same time. The IC's that are mounted on the sticks are produced in batch lots. If you buy one set say in January and then buy a second set three months later; they may not match from one set to the other even from the same manufacturer.
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thanks for the replies people, well here the problem is i already bought the corsair cmx1024-3200 paired modules, and the kvr400 modules (unpaired), i need to use 4 gb of ram, so what is your suggestion, can i stick with my old cmx1024 modules and bump the kvr400 modules, and get another pair of cmx1024-3200 to replace them or should i bump the four modules and buy them all together?




ps. also, another question, the abit website says the at8 supports 8gb of ram, but the manual says supports only 4gb, what to believe??

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The Chipset will see 2.0 Gig modules but at the time the Board was released 2.0 Gig modules were not available, they are available now but the cost of a 2.0 Gig module is about 2 times the cost of 2-1.0 Gig modules and why they are not on the market just yet in abundance. If you want to add to what you have now you should try to match them in part# and revision for best performance. In addition, if you do use 4 modules you may have to run the memory at a slower speed this is normal because of loading on the memory controller. Also if you are using a 32-Bit O.S. I would not suggest more than 2.0 Gig of memory for best performance.
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hi all

Well, heres an update, i´ve been messing around with the ram, switching slots, etc. i have the bios configured to auto, i also ran an utility called cpu-z. (here are the results of the system scan http://www.eostudio.com.mx/~eordonez/cpuz/cpuz.txt)

What i did first was to try every single module of ram alone, they all worked fine, at 400mhz.

Then i tried the two xms-3200-1024, the worked too at 400 mhz

Then i added one of the kv400 fabricated in week 35/'06, all worked fine at 400mhz

At last i added the other kv400 module, fabricated in week 50/'01 then the ram speed dropped to 333mhz, i think that would be the module that is affecting me, the curious thing is that i bought the two kv400 at the same time at the same store, i guess i must have got one module that had been on stock for a while. What do you think about this?


im going to try and leave the system at 333mhz and see what happens....

btw, all the four modules work at the same timings alone.... 3-3-3-8




Ps: Ram Guy IM using windows 64bit edition

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I have a Hewlett Packard computer that I need to add some memory to.

The system is a

Model number Pavilion a630n

Product number PC109A-ABA

The HP memory part number is P8670-69002

I went to the Corsair web site and ran the memory configurator and it listed the memory for the HP system as VS1GBKIT400C3. Since the HP uses system specific memory, I need to know if this memory will be compatible with my system. I am looking to add 2 X 512mb sticks and use the existing installed HP memory. The system has 2 X 256mb installed as listed above.

Thank You

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