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IBM T43 2668? Corsair PC2-5300 2GB 2X1GB DDR2-667 200PIN SODIMM VS2GSDSKIT667D2


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Is the kit compatible with my IBM T43 2668?

Intel centrino 1.86Ghz and intel 915 Chipset.

Is the ram backward compatible on the system requires DDR2-4200 ram?

Thanks a lot!


That kit may not work on your laptop. You see, SODIMM modules designed for laptops usually have SPD's that are programmed for only their rated speeds. What happens is that if your laptop fails to find a valid SPD programming for DDR2-533, your laptop will fail to POST - and there is no way at all whatsoever to get around that problem besides replacing all of your memory modules with modules rated at the correct DDR2 speed class.

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So the memory won't downgrade itself?


That also has something to do with the BIOS of your laptop. You see, no name-brand laptop has any provision at all whatsoever to manually adjust latency timings or even memory clock speeds - the BIOS is permanently set to adjust memory speeds and timings by SPD.

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