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New system: bios settings


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hi all, i hope its ok for me to ask this in these forums but here goes, also im not that upto speed with bios settin******** i used to know my way around bios but that was years ago and its changed a bit lol.




Intel Core2 Duo E6600

ASUS P5W DH Delux Mainboard

Corsair 2GB XMS2 DDR2 Dominator PC2-6400C4 (800Mhz) :biggrin:

Nvidia Geforce PCIe 6600 256mb

Hyper Modular Type-R ATX2.2 580W

Seagate Barracuda 320GB SATA HDD


Can anyone tell me more about the bios settings i should be using as currently im using pretty much the defaults from ASUS P5W and i have some problems such as


restarting is very random (sometimes it works, sometimes it just stays black screen, sometimes it starts to boot but stops)


windows seems choppy, for a dual core doing two things at once is painfully choppy sometimes even compared to my old AMD Athlon... plus this is a fresh install of windows.


CPUZ shows my L1 cache on both processors but no L2, also on bootup it is blanks where L2 chach size should be... i dont see any enable/disable cache setting in bios if there is one?


not sure if any of that is memory related but i think it is... i believe my ram is set at 800FSP CPU says 1066FSB in bios tho, Memory voltage was 1.9v but i upped it to 2.1v still no improvment... i heard something about FSB voltage sometimes needs to be upped is that true? also the mem timings are only not as tight as they should be (4-4-4-12) yet


can anyone give me a better idea of all the voltages i should be using for FSB, memory, CPU etc.



appreciate any help alot im so out of my depth when it comes to bios :D:

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