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Faulty CMX512 - 3200C2PT


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Hi. I have a matched pair of CMX512 - 3200C2PT 's

over the pass month my computer has just frozen up or just randomly rebooted. This happened much more so while playing on games such as battlefield 2.


I updated my BIOS and catalyst to the latest version and made sure all the settings were correct.


At first I thought it might be my graphics card, but I have had the problem happen while using a new 7900GT aswell so I tested my ram last night using memtest 86+.


I got the following results, which to me don't look good:


Wall time: 52 minutes

cached: 1024M

Cache: on

ECC: off

Test: Std

Pass: 0

Errors: 914624


The errors came from all the sectors.

I'm pretty sure that there are errors on my memory and would it be possible to sort out an RMA?


Thank you

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I used memtest 1.6.

My Bios version is revison A -the only one out for it - think also known as 1.4


The setting for the RAM in the BIOS are as follows:

DRAM Freq set by SPD value

Class latemcy = 2

DRAM Volt control = 2.65V

everything else is set to auto.


I have never or tried to overclock this ram.

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