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Black screen with CM74SD1024RLP-2700


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I recovered a barette my old server whose motherboard is broken since at least 1 year to put it on another machine. It seems that there is a problem with the part because I have either a black screen, or if I puts in more another part the recovered part is not taken into account. I tested on 4 different machines and the problem is the same one on the 4 machines.

No memory = 3 beep

With CM74SD1024RLP-2700 = No beep and black screen


Anything else to try ?


Best regards.



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I am not sure what you are asking? If you are asking for a list of MB's that might be hard to do as there is not a cross reference available that way. But I would look for a MB that will support registered memory at PC-2100 or PC2700 Speed and then let me know the MB model and I will be happy to check it for you.
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