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Thank you for the great products


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Recently I installed a Fasttrack TX4310 Raid-5 PCI controller into my LianLi case running on Asrock nforce with Athlon XP Barton 3200+ and hooked up 4 Samsung Spinpoints 250 GB s-ata disks. WinXp rebooted often without apparent reason. (It could not be the memory as it was Corsair TwinX 1GB 5-2-2-2), so I replace MB, replaced processor, replaced memory with less aggressive Corsair modules, removed all PCI cards (except Raid card) reinstalled WinXp several times....nothing helped until ...I replace the Enermax 420Watt PSU with a Corsair HX620 and guess what?

Now it is running extremely stable 24/7 :

- 4 Samsung Spinpoint sata 250GB in Raid-5

- 2 Samsung Spinpoint sata 250GB in Raid-0

- 1 Samsung Spinpoint ata 250GB boot disk

- Athlon xp3200+ Barton with Zalman cooler

- Belkin 1Gb ethernet NIC

- Radeon 9800 pro with Zalman cooler

- 4 Case fans




Thank you for the great products.


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