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A strange problem with TWINX1024C2 PC3200


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I have a strange problem with the RAM when overclocking my computer.


I attempted this overclocking setup with my TWINX1024C2 PC3200:


FSB = 260MHz

CPU Multi = 10x

RAM:FSB Ratio = 5:6

HTT Multi = 3x

Vdimm = 2.75v


So CPU at 2.6ghz, and RAM at DDR433. Using the TWINX did not work! My computer could not boot past the start-up ASUS flash logo.


Immediately after, i switched over to the King max 2x512 pc3200 value ram using the same overclock settings and my computer was able to boot into windows!


Now the interesting thing is: the corsair TWINX1024c2 ram is able to clock up to DDR480 and be able to boot into windows (when CPU at 2.4ghz and RAM:FSB = 1:1). So why can't it boot into windows at DDR433? Do I have bad ram sticks or a motherboard compatibility issue? I'm leaning towards the latter, but would like your opinions too. Thank you!

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