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I'm putting together a new workstation and want to know how to pick the right memory that will best match the motherboard and CPU? I do not want to overclock. Could someone help me with the questions below or point me to a resource that answers these?


FYI - here's what I'm thinking about:

- ASUS barebone:

- Processor:

- I want to start off with 2gb ram...possibly a matched set of 1x1024mb modules

- Also - I'm not a gamer. I'll be setting up a dual-boot system, one for limited audio recording and the other for developement work (VS.NET, SQL Server 2005, etc)



- How do I determine what speed of DDR2 ram will be best for the MB and CPU that I pick? For instance, DDR2 400, 667, 800, etc?


- I've read that with AMD processors, you generally want to match the memory and CPU timing ratio at 1:1 (my terminology may be off). It almost sounded like going with memory with a higher rating than what the motherboard/CPU is designed for could impair performance...is this true?


- I was considering a pair of matched Corsair XMS2 memory (DDR2 675 (PC2 5400)), but I don’t know how to determine if this is a good match for the motherboard/CPU when running at stock speed.


- Since I’m not interested in overclocking but still want a decent workstation, should I go with less-expensive memory like Corsair’s ValueSelect brand? Would I actually gain anything by getting something like the XMS2 memory even though I’ll leave it at the stock speed?


- Also, is the likelihood of compatibility greater with the more expensive XMS2 memory than with the ValueSelect memory (or other brand equivalents)?



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