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Flash Voyager and Ready Boost?


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I have had a 1GB Corsair Flash Voyager for quite some time now, basically around when they first came out.


When i purchased this drive it was marketted as being the fastest one around.


I dont know if this is still true today, all i do know is that windows vista Ready Boost says:


"This device does not have the required performace characteristics for use in speeding up your system."


I was wondering how that can be, i though I had a fast drive?

Yet windows vista ready boost wont work with it?


So i went out an bought a new O.C. Z drive which does work with it.




I did some speed benchmarks using Everest, and appears that bandwidth wise the Corsair and O.C. Z are simmilar, just the access times are much lower on the O.C. Z.


So is this the only reason why my old reliable Corsair drive wont work with Vista ready boost?


If so this is very dissapointing, as i thought i had a high end flash drive in the Corsair, and instead this cheaper O.C. Z drive is better?


IS there anything i can do to get my good old Corsair 1GB Flash voyager to work with ready boost?


I was looking forward to buying a new larger flash voyager, but this has put me off from doing so.


Note i only have 1GB of system Ram, not 2, like was mentioned in the readyboost sticky. And i do notice that with ready boost running on my cheapo O.C. Z drive , things do load faster.


I would appreciate if somone could help.

Thanks in advance.

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Thank you for the quick response.


I just have a few quick questions:


Just to clarify then,, is there no way at all to make my old trusty Flash Voyager compatible with Vista Ready Boost?


Also i checked out that link you provided, and it only has drives up to 1GB?

Do you not make anything bigger similar to your voyager line which goes up to 16GB?


I was really looking forward to using this my good old voyager drive for ready boost as it was starting to get a little too small for carying around my files, however i thought would have been a suitable size for ready boost. Its dissapointing to hear that its just not fast enough:[pouts:


I also was planning on getting a larger voyager either a 4 or 8gb version, but now i guess ill wait till you guys come out with those TurboFlash drives in larger sizes, since you say these support ready boost.

When do you think larger sizes in the 4 to 8GB range will become available?


Thanks for your help.

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