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CMX2048-3200 Driving me nuts Pls...Help !!!!


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I recently purchsed a twinX2048-3200 XMS memory sticks

My computer now is unstable and I am unable think of anything other than it has to be the RAM..


Have done the following

Clean machine superantispy, ADwareSE,spybot, panda online scan, tend house call, Avast. thought might have been a nasty

Flashed bios (Again) to version F9

timing on original Bufello (2x512) firestix 2.5,3,3,8 machine ran OK

Have ran memtest86 1.70v on both new RAM modules at 2.5,3,3,6 over night and came in at 4800 errors

Tried stick A on its own no errors (2 hour test) (slot one) 2.5,3,3,6

Tried stick B on its own no errors (2 hours test)(slot one) 2.5,3,3,6

Have tried timmings 3,8,8,8 still with machine unstable

CPU running temp while paying BF2 36 degrees (Gaming case 3 fans)

As soon as I start Battlefield2 it CTD even firefox will not start

Most programs crach with the window error report window appears (send error?)

Currently running the machine on 1 XMS stick but problem still here and unable to use any program without machine either program closing down or blue screen...

Have put the old RAM back in and BF2 plays fine :!:

Never saw anywhere on the Corsair saying this mem wont work on a GA-K8N board

Can someone please help here?


This is drving me nuts :evil:



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If you are not getting errors in memtest that would suggest some other problem, was this a new system build with these modules? And did you get any errors during the Install of the O.S.


Thanks for the reply mate,


No the system is 6 months old and came with buffalo firestix 2x512 and didn't have any problems with he system until I installed the new corsair RAM

Did a memtest all night on the xms module thought was causing the problem but after 12 passes no errors showing...


System very unstable using this RAM........... frustrating as the 2x512 Buffalo Firestix ram fine at 3,3,3,8

Even with one stick of XMS I cant get the system to run with out memory reliant programs crashing....


This is one of the top of the Range RAM corsair sells but not much good if you cant get a system to run it


Start up screen indicates its single not double (64bits)


I would applicate any ideas/help that you would have.........





AMD64 4000+


CMX2048-3200 (which I just bought)


SATA 250gig

Ninja Gaming Case

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First thing you should not mix memory with this platform, please try the system with just our modules and load setup defaults and then set the memory voltage to +.02 Volts and see if the system is more stable.


Sorry for the miss understanding but I havnt mixed the ram


Set to Default settings (3,3,3,8), , increased voltage +0.02, Cleared CMOS. updated Nforce4 drivers to 6.86

1 stick of XMS Machine still crashes and random blue screen error BAD_Pool_Header

Unable to use Thunderbird as it crashes as soon as it starts, firefox also crashes on start.......... Battleield crashes or stalls while loading. As Soon as load is put on this rams it fails


Tried moving stick of XMS into another slot (not used) hoping it might bet that slot but problem still there


Put "my" RAM back into PC.....and machine runs fine........No crashes and I can play battlefield


Hmm.............. is there any other way I can test this memory

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