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Xms2 675 Pc5400

Bob in NH

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Do you see any potential problems with TwinX 2048 XMS2 PC5400 675 in an ASUS P5N32E-SLI Motherboard? I purchased these items for my son for Christmas. They've been running fine since with an Intel E6700 CPU, and other high quality items. In retrospect I think I should have purchased the PC6400 or better. What do you think, and do you forsee any potential problems with the 5400 in the future? Thanks for the input.



Asus P5N32E SLI with 680i nvidia chipset

Twin2X 2048 PC5400 C4

Antec Trio TP3 650W

2- Western Digital 2500KS Hard Drives

Intel E6700

Plextor 755SA

MSI NX7900GT 256 mb Video Card


The Bios and all drivers are up to date. Please respond.



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