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I currently have 4 x 512mb 3200 value select ram (vs12mb400)


I'm new to the overcloking business and at the default settings, I was getting a vista-64bit index score of 3.6 for the ram.Since i've overclocked the pc i'm getting a ram rating of 4.3.


I'm thinking of getting 2gb of the CMX1024-3200PT ram,and i'm wondering if the ram is any good for overclocking and whether it would be worth buying the ram considering I will be upgrading the pc some time next year, but I feel the value select ram is slowing the pc down and I can't overclock much more due to the value select's limitation.


My current spec :


asus a8n-sli premium

athlon x2 4200 2.2ghz @ 2.7ghz

cpu bus speed @ 246, cpu multiplier x 11, hyper transport frequency x3.

ram @ 266mhz, cas 2.5,8,3,3,11,14,4,3,2,2t.

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