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RMA Case# 68809


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This is the first time I RMA something to Corsair. I RMA my Corsair TWIN2X1024C4 1Gb DDR800 because one of the sticks was defective and it couldnt let me install Windows XP SP2. So I sent my RMA request to Corsair, received the confirmation email to send it to them. I have sent the sticks in their original package to Corsair via USPS Priority Mail and according to my tracking number, they received it on Feb,7.

I have emailed Corsair twice and one of their representatives once but I still get no answer from them. I dont know if Corsair is still in the process of checking my product or if they have sent the replacement already.


What can I do? How many more days do I have to wait? Whats going on? I want to know the status of my case!


According to Corsair, they send replacements via UPS 3 Day Service, but I still dont receive nothing.


Please help me out!

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