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XMS module died


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1 of 2 - 512 x cmx512-3200c2 modules has failed , system wouldn't post,

after troubleshooting with different modules ( vs512mb400 ) detemined

the xms3202v1.1 ( lot 024703 ) dead 95% of the time , the other times I could get to BIOS but was severly corrupted display.

the two modules have been in A7n8X 2.0 - A7N8X-E all of their lives

with no problems.

I tried the v1.1 modules in 3 other boards , same result

Gigabyte -865PE chipset

MSI -KT880 chipset

Asrock - 865G chipset

wont allow DOS - memtest 86 to even start

of course i want to sent the v1.1 (bh-5) module for replacement

the other module is a version 2.2 (ch-6)

want to make sure the replacement would be double sided

as these are.


would it be better to send both ? even though only one is bad ?


p.s. note for the folks that think memory prices are high now , upon checking

my newegg.com inv. from 11-25-02 these things cost $205.00 USD



thanks for your help

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