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No POST with twin2x2048-6400c4d in Asus p5w dh deluxe mb


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Going for best of the best, I purchased The Dominator Series Twin2X2048-6400C4D for my new core 2 duo, quad-core system.


I have tried placing either of the modules in any of the 4 dimm slots on my Asus p5w dh deluxe motherboard and still the MB will not provide video and/or POST. I have tried other graphics cards, and I have upgraded the BIOS, RMA'd the motherboard, and reset the BIOS to defaults, unplugged everything, except the graphics card, and still it fails to POST with any or both of the two modules installed. If I power up without RAM installed, the board will give the standard 'hardware failure' beeps. With RAM installed, no video, no beeps.


The 'memory advisor' recommends this ram for the 'overclocker' so I believe the modules must be faulty and would therefore like to request an RMA of both modules.


Any thoughts or suggestions?




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