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Voyager 2GB Problems


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I recently purchased a 2GB USB Voyager. I intended to use it with my Dell 600M notebook (winXP) and home built desktop (winXP x64). Both system have USB 2 and the latest updates. I've successfully used various USB devices including small flash cards, an external hard drive, and a graphic tablet.


Anyway, right out of the package, I started getting "delayed write" errors, especially when writing larger files to the Voyager. This happened on both computers.


After a little research, I tried reformats. I tried FAT, FAT32, and NTFS with absolutely no change in the problem. Sometimes I would get the delayed write error and sometimes a"can't complete -- please check the path of the file". I think that last message is related to a delayed write error because the file is still at the original path. The device is "dismounted or something, since I have to unplug and plug it in again to be recognized.


I then tried to turn off delayed write via policies. This made no difference with either computer. CHKDSK never gives errors.


The closest I can come to getting it to work is using the command line (old DOS commands.) This works reasonably well but I still get delayed write errors.


I've run out of ideas.:confused:

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