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TWINX 1024 PC6400C4 with asus P5W DH issue


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I have the following configuration :

Asus p5W DH dlx, Bios 1901

Intel E6600,

4 Go of Corsair memory TwinX 1024 PC6400C4. The settings in the bios are "manual" for the ram @ 2,1V and 4-4-4-12.


I'm trying to use my memory @ 400Mhz with 1:1 ratio to FSB. But it doesn't work at all. I made many tests, to validate the limits of my CPU, my FSB and my RAM (tested with memtest, SP2004...).

The FSB is ok till 425mhz (ram = 319, 3:4)

The CPU is ok till 3600Mhz (9x400)

The ram is ok till 413mhz (fsb = 310)


But as soon as I set ram = fsb = 400, even with a low multiplier for CPU like 6, the computer crashes. The same with 399, 401, 402 or 405...


what could be the reason of such an issue ?

Thank you in advance


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