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P5N-E SLI eats ram? or ram failure?


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The board bootup fine (2 sticks of XMS2 6400C4 v2.1 @ 800 mhz) with all ram setting on auto, both ram in yellow slots, and was able to format the hard drive in win XP initial install.. But after XP asked to reboot the system, after XP logo showed up, the system gave me BSOD... After that, the board posts, but freeze up right after ram check or while searching for drives. If i am lucky, i can get into bios but freeze after a few seconds, so i can't even change the ram settings.


Suspicious of having a bad stick, I took the stick from bank 2 (A2) and put it into bank 1 (A1) and the system boot up fine. Changed settings to 4-4-4-12 2T, vram@ 2.1v, rest auto; was able to finish XP installation and system was stable. Mem test 25 loops without error.


Trying the other stick in any of the slots results in freezing right after post.


Trying bios 307 didn't help. Only 1 stick works. Even with TCR at 22 and tWTR at 15. Also disabled legacy USB support, up north bridge voltage to 1.39. Did not try bios 401 since people are still having ram issues.


So either the stick was bad or the board ruin the ram... What do you guys think?





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Thanks for the reply Ramguy.


I was able to RMA the 6400C4's back to the online retailer.


Bought a set of 8500C5D, and these are working great. Very stable. Ran orthos for 20 hrs no issues. Manually set the timings, have not tried SLI mode yet...


Have anyone reported ram voltage being all over the place for P5N-E SLI ?



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