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Q. Regarding purchase of 2Gb RAM


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Hi, I have Dell Dimension 5150 with 1GB (2X512) NECC Dual Channel DDR2 533MHz SDRAM Memory (Legend Brand).


I have seen this offer and am considering buying but would like your input first please...


Can you advise what the RAM speed of this Corsair memory is please? If possible I'd like to buy some memory that's compatible with my current sticks to get 3Gb.


Is there anything else I'd need to consider when determining if it will be compatible with my system?


I originally was just looking for another 2 512mb sticks, but this deal is too good to refuse. So really, it will be a bonus if I get the 3Gb working together, but will still be satisfied if I end up with just 2Gb. I can always throw the older 1Gb into a mate's system.


Cheers, MrE.


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Ok, considering I was originally only looking for an extra Gig anyway I'm going to grab it at that price. I can certainly find another home for the old RAM. May even dig a little deeper and grab 4Gb now rather than worrying about compatibility later when I put Vista on.


Thanks for your response - appreciated :)

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