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MSI 975X and CMSx1024-6400 - 4 gig problem


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When I put all 4 modules in the mb I loose my cursor, it becomes a square box of flashing color dots. I the bcakground go to black, the log on icon has no picture in it only black. If I go to 3gb no problem. I tried moving the modules around, I changed the fsb & memory clock from auto to manual so the mem clock speed is 667Mhz ir a 1:1.25 ratio changed the mem voltage to 1.9 I tried various DRAM timing with no success. I am using a MSI 975X Platium Mb, Intel 6400 processor, wd raptor 150 gb drive, MSI Nvidia 7900gt video card, Creative SB X-fi Platium and Corsair memory CMSx1024-6400 3gb sucessfully with 4gb problems develop.
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Each module passed fine, with no errors. MSI suggested a reload of windows, so I did. Now I am seeing the gui interface correctly however I still get failures running memtest. The only mem adjustment I did was to push the voltage to 2.1 as suggested in a previous post.

The other strange thing is when I run memtest the chip set is not displayed, the the FSB or ram settings. All that is displayed is Chipset: MSI is suggesting that I have an Old version of Memtest but I just downloaded it.

Any ideas?

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Yes I am using the latest version now. I was using an older version and it did not recognize the chipset. so I am not sure of the test results. I made a discovery, If I remove the Soundblaster card. I can load 4 gb and do not lose my cursor but I still can not get the memory to run at 800mhz when I fail memtest it is usually test #6. failing address 00071b20cc4 - 1819.0mb good:ffbfffff bad: ffbbfff err-bits: 00040000 -- failing address 00051be6cc4 1307.0mb good:bfffffff bad: fffbfffd err-bits: 00040000 to name a few.. Still trying to get a better handle on what causes the problem. So far:

- I disabled the on board sound,

- Loaded windows XP pro with SP2 with and without the sound card installed,

no other programs loaded except the motherboard drivers

- tried various memory speed and voltage settings

- relocated the card to both pci slots

- Uploaded the latest bios

- used the latest downloads from Creative site.

- moved memory modules around.

In the 3 gb configuration I left bank 3 empty and loaded bank 4,

thinking I had a bank 4 issue.


I am going to start at square one testing each module separately without the sound card installed, move to 2 gb retest, 3 gb and then 4 gb and see what how the truth table develops. then do the same thing with the sound card installed.

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