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I had just received from Dabs.com a few days ago my new CMFSDMINI 2GB MINI SD card and it worked fine with my ORA PDA for a day and was recognized as a 2GB card.


Now some days later, the card is not being recognized by my ORA Pda at all. And when I then tried mounting it on my laptop with the adapter that was supplied with the card, a dialogue box requested that it be formatted... so I did as FAT32, but it did not complete the format. So I tried formatting using right-click and using format F: /FS:FAT32 /U both procedures format the card as 1GB (even though it is a 2GB card) and the card still can't be seen on the PDA and on the PC it appears as a 1GB card...


What should I do to be able to format as a 2GB drive and to be able to use it with my PDA which it did work for a couple of days....



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