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Defective CM2X1024-6400 kit


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I have a pair of CM2X1024-6400 installed in an ASUS P5B-E, it's been running fine since November 2006. Last night I powered on the machine and received an error stating the overclock settings were wrong and I was prompted to enter setup. I was a little disturbed at this message since I don't overclock the Core 2 Duo E6600 that's in it. After verifying the BIOS settings I had it save and continue, the system wouldn't reboot. Running under the assumption that the might be something wrong with the CPU or Motherboard, I replaced them with like parts. The same error occurred on a new P5B with a new processor. After replacing the memory, the problem went away and I could boot the system. I re-installed my original motherboard and processor with the new memory modules and the system is functioning properly. Can you please provide me an RMA number. Thanks.
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