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:confused: Rank beginner here. I am looking at putting together a water cooled system based around the above motherboard with either an Intel quad or dual core processor and a bfg GeForce 8800 GTX Water Cooled video card.


I am looking for suitable memory and I note that this motherboard is listed as being able to take 8GB of memory arranged in 4 slots. However all the Corsair memory that I can find appears to be 1GB modules so I would only be able to have 4GB on board.


Am I missing something or is there some reason why Corsair do not support 8GB on this motherboard



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2.0 Gig modules for this chipset and or platform are not available as yet, not to mention you would need to be using a 64-Bit O.S. If you are a gamer then more than 4 Gig at this time would probably be a waste. With 2.0 Gig being the best performer for most games. If you want to use 4 Gig of memory with this MB I would suggest 2 sets of Twinx2048-5400C4 as the best choice for this MB.
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