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My Corsair ValueSelect 1GB module is bad


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About a year ago I bought this Corsair ValueSelect 1GB memory module (model VS1GB400C3) that worked pretty fine until last night. When I got home from work I turned on my computer and while booting it went straight into the Blue Screen of Death. Attempted booting several times only to get the BSoD over and over. So I opened my computer and reset the BIOS, tried booting again and BSoD again. So I took the Corsair memory module out and put an older 256MB module I had and it worked fine, only slower of course. I tried the Corsair module on a different computer and it also crashes non-stop. So I installed the Corsair on my main system again and ran memtest86+ and it found errors all over the place. Any suggestions? Can I have it replaced?





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