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asus p5b deluxe bios 507/xms2 pro FSB333 issues


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Have had the computer for a few days, and can't seem to get a mild overclock out of it.


Ran Orthos yesterday with a FSB333 and vdimm of 1.9V, and it failed.


Booted fine all the way to FSB450 with vdimm of 2.1V and ran normal apps fine, but mem testing/orthos is revealing errors all the way between the two FSB speeds from anywhere from a minute to about an hour.


Legacy USB is disabled, loosened up timings to 5-5-5-15 for above FSB400 speeds.


What would be the next logical step in at least getting the memory stable at FSB333 with this particular board?


Still researching if a bios update will solve problems, missing a setting somewhere, etc...


Oh, and followed the basics in terms of voltage/disabling features on board before attempting the overclocks.



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