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Chosing Dominator speed

Digital Dreams

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Current Motherboard Asus P5WD2 Premium, FSB 800Mhz (3.8GHz processor).


Though running @800 I intend to soon try 1000. Possibly in the near future 1333 on a new motherboard and processor.


I currently have four sticks of 512mb 8000ul running at 5,4,4,9 (TRC 21). These are the timings @1000 so I guess I could improve these @800 ?. Part of my reason to upgrade is to reduce to two sticks to aid fanless cooling (getting hot @800) & possibly up to 4gb in the future.


What would be the best to get for 800 AND 1000 FSB ?. Or in other words say ~ would the 9136c5 give better timings @800 than the 6400c3 ???. Another way of looking at my question ~ @800 is the 6400c3 the fastest and only option ?, the faster modules would be slower at this speed ??.



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