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RAM Module Broken


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Hi again, ignore the previous thread sorry, the cause has been found and eliminated, and it wasn't either of the 2 stated before (power surge/virus), my system had overheated.


I've got a broken 1gb module here, fails memtest in 2 separate PCs: my only point to be noted now is that I'm wondering: the part/module number is CMX1024-3200PT, and on the RMA form it states that TwinX modules must be sent back in pairs: and the drop-down list on the Tech Support Express page showed that the TwinX modules have serial numbers beginning TWINX: is the CMX prefix still a TwinX module, so will I have to send both the functioning and broken memory to the USA? (Sorry if that's a huge, uncomprehendable sentence, I couldn't find better words to put it in)


I still require an RMA, and Ram Guy didn't reply to my post (seems he's a busy guy, with all these posts in here) , so I used the Tech Support Express a few hours ago: thanks for the heads up, Corsair memory is the best I've had! =D

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