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Low frequency noice ?


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Hi !


Bought the Corsair HX 520 in Dec 06.

Ever since I first plugged it in I´ve heard a humming low freqency noice,

some kind of resonanse or something like it.


I had to replace a Seasonic and build a new computer, and has´nt really had time for this thing, but now I´ve got the new rigg in order and fixed it with the most silent things that kan be bought.


The reson for that i bought this HX 520, was beacase of many reweiws that state that this power supply should be the most silent.

The reweiw that impressed me most was that on SPCR.


So Im a bit sad to say that I think this power supply is defect, my ex Seasonic was certainly more silent and I even got "nonames" powersupplies that sound better.


The sound is in Hertz very low but... Can something be done to this ? I tried to get an silicon damping between the supply and the chassi, no result.

Has other reported the same thing ?


Best of regards from Sweden.

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