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stability problem xms 1024 3200c2


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i have an asrock 4coredual-vsta which should support ddr 400; instead i have a lot of stability problems. what sould i do? it is seen as ddr333 .



DDR333 is the correct speed for a Celeron CPU, since the actual FSB clockspeed of a current Celeron CPU is only 133MHz. DDR400 memory, on the other hand, runs at an actual 200MHz. Intel dictates that on DDR (as opposed to DDR2) chipsets compatible with Intel CPU's, you cannot run memory faster than the FSB speed by more than 33.3 MHz (based on actual clockspeeds, not effective clockspeeds, of both memory and FSB) without risking major to severe stability issues. (And yes, the Celeron's 533MHz FSB is only the effective clockspeed - but it got the 533MHz rating by quad-pumping a 133MHz FSB. Likewise, DDR400 memory got its 400MHz effective clockspeed by double-pumping a 200MHz memory bus.)


And since you're using four sticks of memory, you may have to manually lower the memory speed to DDR266 (which would be synchronous with your CPU's FSB) in order for your system to run stably.

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