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Corsair Value Select Memory Module Stopped working


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I bought a VS1GB400C3 1GB DDR400 PC3200 CAS3 Value Select Memory (Retail) from ZipZoomFly.com on March 27, 2006 as an additional memory in addition to the 512 MB memory in my system. It worked till 2 weeks ago and stopped working. As the computer did not boot I took the computer to the Circuit City and they ran some tests and determined that the Corsair memory module gone bad causing the computer not to start. They removed the corsair memory module and the computer working now with the old 512 MB memory.


I need authorization to return the memory for a replacement. Please advise.


Here are the order details:

ZipZoomFly Order # Z3373379 dt Mar 27.2006

Memory Model : Corsair Value Select VS1GB400C3

Serial # 0612126-2-8757099




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