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Asrock K7NF2-Raid


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Hi Everybody :)


i have above mentioned MB, as my original Asus A7V8NE-Deluce died, and that was the only new one you can get in Germany for a AMD 3200+.


I also have the 2 GB TwinmX 3200 XMS set.


Are there a recommended settings for this MB and the RAM?


Thanks in Advance.





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From time to time I get the following BSOD:


0x000000be (0xbfd44c13, 0x15b92021, 0xab036b50, 0x0000000c)


Which means wrinting to read only memory.


the file in questions was nv4displ.dll, which is the nvidia gfx driver,


but still I thinkg it could be something wrong with my RAM Settiings.


Any ideas?

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