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TWIN2X2048-5400C4 - want to return for full refund

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dear Ram Guy,


here is my situation:

on Jan 14th, i went and bought the following to put together a budget gaming system (rest of the parts are from old system):

- TWIN2X2048-5400C4 (XMS5402v5.2 0635429-0 on both modules)

- E4300 OEM (fry's $149 special)

- arctic cooling freezer 7 pro

- Biostar 965PT


and i am not able to get system stable at anything over 333FSB, no matter what settings i tried, loosening up timing and boosting voltage


at first i faulted the E4300 because it's new to market, and then i suspected the MB and it's bios, and i even doubted the HSF. and yesterday, after a round of exchange/RMA for these other products, i finally came to memtest170 and shocked i was, the most expensive parts are the ones giving me problems


even at 334FSB, memtest gave 200+ errors per pass


having so much faith in Corsair and the "Xtreme performance DDR2" modules and troubleshooting other parts first, i am now passed my memory return period.


i am very very disappointed that my $220+tax investment is giving me errors, and i want to take that money and invest else where, thus, i would like to ship modules, packaging, receipt to Corsair for a full refund


thank you for reading



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