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asus a7m266 1.4 and vs512mb400


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I have an old a7m266 w/ 1.4 amd cpu. I've had a 512 kingston value ram in it since I bought it. I purchased 2 vs512mb400 to replace the kingston and make it 1gb. I cannot boot into windows xp sp2. I tried each of them separately in both slot and it stll wont boot. I ran memtest with both sticks in and it ran clean 3 passes so i think the mem is good. I've now put a kingston 512 in 1 slot and a kingston 256 in the other and windows is fine. The Corsair website has this as a compatible memory. Is there a timing difference or a voltage difference that makes this not work.


Any info would be appreciated....

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Can I input the info for the memory manually? I think the voltage settings are on the m/b and the timings are in the bios.


You will have to set those values manually with just your old modules installed. If you have just the new modules, you may not be able to even get into the BIOS to make the necessary adjustments.


The correct latency timings for a typical DDR400 module running at DDR266 speed would be as follows:


SDRAM Configuration: User Define

SDRAM CAS Latency: 2T

SDRAM RAS-to-CAS Delay: 2T

SDRAM RAS Precharge Time: 2T


There is no provision in the BIOS to manually adjust the DIMM voltage for your motherboard; instead, that voltage selection is done via hardware jumpers on the motherboard (VIO1). By default, this is set to 2.7V; other available settings are 2.8V and 2.9V. Also, the A7M266 can only run memory synchronously with your CPU's actual FSB speed; it won't let you set the memory speed independently of the FSB speed {for example, if the 1.4GHz Athlon runs on an effective 200MHz (100MHz actual) FSB, the memory will run at DDR200 (PC1600) speed}.

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