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Obsolete Memory: RMA r225438


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Hey Ram Guy.


A few weeks back i set up an RMA for a pair of 512mb XMS4400 which i believe to be faulty. I'v ran memtest86 a few times on the modules, fails when both modules are in together, fails on one module tested on its own but the other module seems ok.


On the 4th Feb i received a mail stating that the ram was no longer stocked and these were my options available:


1. Exchange for the 3200C2 or 3200C2PRO series

2. Upgrade to the DDR2 platform (5400C4 series)

3. Issue a refund based on your original invoice


I sent a mail back asking about the refund, the memory was purchasses from overclockers.com prior to them having any form of user account function on their site, so as such i can not find the order number. Im assuming that you guys would need a copy of the original receipt to issue a refund?


My other option that may work out as being a better one would be to take a set of the 5400 as i'm upgrading my entire machine in a few weeks anyways, i guess it depends on the deal i can get with the memory in the system. Any light you could share in the refund procedures would be much apreciated.


Many thanks.


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I am sorry but I would have to ask that you talk to our customer service about this. If you have a technical question, like will this module be compatible with this MB or system I can help. But the logistics part of this is best left to our Customer Service. Please call the C/S Rep and talk with them, and if you should have any questions, you are welcome to ask them to conference me into the conversation.

888-222-4346 Ext "0"

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