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MSI k9n Platinum - NO POST!


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I just bought a brand new computer. but it doesnt seems to work. I doesnt even get to the POST. I turn it on, the lights on the case goes as the cpu fan which goes normally, but it does not appear anything on the screen. I have already tried swapping the memory modules into different slots, tried single channel, double, only the cpu, switching PSU, nothing changes. Please help, I just feel the pain of the money I put on it...


My configuration:


MSI k9n Platinum nForce570

AMD Atlhon 4200+ 65W

2 x 512MB Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 4-4-4-12 (CMX2512-6400C4)

HD Maxtor IDE 80GB

CWT 505W 24pin PSU


I will be very very grateful for any help at all. I've already seen other threads similar but none seems to help.


Thanks in advance.

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