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Really dissapointed with customer service...


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Heres what happened.


Jan 20 - my systems begins to act weird so i reinstall xp. After a fresh install my system repeatedly crashes. I realize its the ram and call corsair to set up an RMA. They set up the RMA for me and i ask if i can bring the ram in directly since i live in Fremont as well.


Jan 26 - I drop off the ram at corsair headquarters shipping and receiving.


Feb 5 - I call to check the status of my RMA. It turns out corsair has yet to receive my package even though i had dropped it off to the shipping and receiving center by hand and actually met with the guy who works there. The CSR i spoke with named Hussain i believe assures me he will take care of this for me by the end of the day and send me an email.


Feb 6 - I call corsair again and a nice lady checks the status of the RMA for me. No change, package still not received, she says she will leave a message for Hussain so that he may send me an email by the end of this day.


Feb 7 - I call again and another nice lady checks the status of my RMA. No change! She transfers me directly to Hussain and he apologetically tells me that he will take care of this right away and will give me a call back by noon with a tracking number. At 4pm still no call from him, so i call back again and ask for status of my RMA. Still no change and the lady says he is away from his desk but she will leave a message for him and hopefully he will call me back today.


And as of now still no word from anyone at corsair about why i am being so rudely ignored... After a week and a half of borrowing computer time from my roomates and using computer labs i am sick and tired of calling everyday...


My RMA # is R222423


Tell me what can i do if i call 3 days in a row with no luck?

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Thanks Ram Guy. I called at around 10am on Feb 8. I think i randomly got Hussain on the phone. He didnt seem pleased to be talking to me. But he did say that it was scheduled to be shipped today. I wasnt sure if he was just saying that so its nice that you were able to confirm for me. Ill let you know when i receive the modules.
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Hey ram guy,


I got my ram modules, and they work fine. Only thing is that they arent the same twin-x modules . One is v5.1 and other is v5.2. I guess its my fault because when i originally asked for an rma i only wanted to rma 1 module so i gave them the CMX part number. But then they said u should return them in pairs. So they just changed it to 2 of the CMX parts instead of the TWINX part number. O well.

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I was wondering if i can RMA them in the summer? Since it works right now and i need the computer for school its kinda tough for me to let both sticks go again. And judging by last time it would take at least a week before i could get them replaced. Any ideas? Id definitely like a matching pair though.


BTW is it possible to take the modules directly to you or someone in the RMA dept and have them exchanged on the spot?

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