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PC2100 Reg ECC Q's


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Just purchased a lightly used Supermicro X5DAE dual Xeon board that requires PC2100 Reg/ECC memory. From their site it looks like they certified CL2.5-3-3/variety of manufacturers. Going to initially purchase 1 pair of 1GB but my question is if I decide to add another pair do the mem manufacturers all have to match up for it to run properly in dual channel mode or should the timings/speeds just match up? Had a problem with an Asus P4C800-e when I tried adding another pair of XMS3200PT's which would'n't allow the system to run in dual channel mode - so I'm being cautious. More than likely would but another pair of 1GB's if finances hold out otherwise would go with 2X512. Thanks in advance.
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