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ASUS P5B-E Plus + Corasir CM2X1024-5400C4


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Hello all,


I have been running the abovementioned motherboard for several weeks with 2 X 1024 MB Corasir CM2X1024-5400C4's (matched) - without a problem.


I have now bought another two of the above memory units to bring my memory up to 4 GB.


On BIOS POST, only 3008 MB is reported, I have changed the memory around to exclude the possibility of a failing unit, still reports 3008 MB.


My BIOS is the most current from ASUS for the motherboard - 0504 - 22.01.2007.


Anyone ahny thoughts??






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LOL NO, please go back and read what I said.

If you do not enable the memory re-mapping option the Bios and MB will see the memory as if its a 32-Bit chipset and suffer the limitations of same.

Posted By ME Previously!

That is normal with any 32-Bit O.S. even Windows Vista 32-Bit will do the same.



4-1,0 Gig = (4096) Giga Bytes X 8 = 32,768 M-Bits

Any 32 Bit O.S. or Chipset will only see 32,000 M-Bits

Then it would have to subtract any other memory used in the system like for your Video card and or cache on your CPU, LAN or Modem, and the MB bios may reserve some for caching as well. That would make the total size of memory accessible to your system, something between 2.6 to 3.2 Gigs of available memory.

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