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I have Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard and i use this "Let the Corsair Configurator Recommend the Right Module for Your System"


Recommend memory was TWINX2048-3200C2PT but other recomended modules area was this TWINX2048-3500LLPRO ,Wow ! 300euros but there is no test report on TWINX2048-3500LLPRO memory ? No bios help volt,...ect?


Question is:What bios settings i must use for getting work TWINX2048-3500LLPRO with my motherboar?


Corsair staff,pls help me out of this :confused:

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Not Corsair staff, but if you don't mind.


DDR Voltage: 2.75v

TCL: 2 (2.5 if not stable)


TRP: 2



thx,i try these when get ram for test.

By the way is this configuration to 218mhz overclocking situations? 218 mhz garanteeded by Corsair but is DDR voltage then 2.75 or higher?


Sry my bad english

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