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if NO OVERCLOCK --- stick with 533?


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Just ordered an Abit QuadGT and an HX620, and choosing on a 2GB kit now.


From what I've read.....IF I'm not OC'ing...stick with 533hmz DDR2....correct? OR should/can I future-proof and get 800mhz DDR2 and downclock to 533mhz?


I have NO intentions/desire to overclock whatsoever. I just want the most stable FPS gaming machine imaginable. :)


thanks for helpin a newbie out!

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With that bios you can run DDR2-800 without overclocking your cpu it will just use a larger divider.


You also have a "more" futureproof system. I would recommend getting that if you are thinking of uprading in the future, otherwise stick with 533.

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