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bad module?


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bought two sticks of cmx1024-3200c2pt not too long ago. I had a hdd crash on me and swapped it out reformatted and had a heck of a time reinstalling windows xp or 2k. kept getting file copy errors and blue screens during install managed to get it installed though. Recently had another hdd crash on me. bought a new sata wd raptor x drive, and again could not install windows. finally one of the blue screens gave me a memory error and i removed one of the sticks of ram and afterwards install went fine. after installing i put the stick of ram back in... instant failed to load module windows errors. removed the stick again works fine. I havent tried swapping the two sticks around i plan on running the mem test to see if it tells me anything but have you seen anything like this before? Should i rma both sticks? I bought them in a 2x 1024 pack
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